About Us

Archery Hit is an Australian owned and operated business dedicated to providing a range of quality archery items at an affordable price.

We know that not everyone can or are willing to pay upwards of $1000 for a new bow - or have the opportunity to buy from a retail supplier.

Our online portal allows sporting novices and experts alike to conveniently purchase quality archery gear at reduced prices with the click of a mouse.

At Archery Hit we provide affordable products, however, unlike some products available online today, we have not compromised quality for affordability.  Every product that we sell has passed vigorous Quality Assurance testing.  Archery Hit only offer archery gear that has been made from the best quality materials.

Currently all bows for sale in Australia are imported from overseas - apart from a few homemade long bows we've seen. Unfortunately, Australia doesn't seem to have the technology or materials to make the current style of today's bows. The bows we source have been designed in Australia and then manufactured in Taiwan. We sell these bows because we've found the Taiwanese bows are of much better quality.  There are alot of bows online today that aren't up to Australian standards. What we want to do is offer shooters an affordable alternative to archery gear while still keeping the quality up.

All Archery Hit gear has been designed and tested in Australia, by Australians for Australian conditions.

Our quality, affordable products are ideally suited to young archers and those new to the sport who are seeking an archery kit without the price tag.

All archers are encouraged to shoot safely and responsibly.