36.5 inch fibreglass longbow crusader longbow from Archery Hit

36.5" Junior Longbow Crusader Set

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The Crusader youth longbow is a great fibreglass longbow that kids will love to start their journey into archery with. Although it is small, it is definitely not a toy and you'll need at least a 15 metre clearance if you're planning (supervised) fun in the backyard.

Both boys and girls will love the new black and red kids bow and arrow set which is suitable for both left hand and right hand archers.

Giving an age range is like saying one shoe size fits all kid.

So, this bow would suit kids up to about 140cm.

We've seen tall 4 year old's as well as smaller 10 year old's both shoot comfortably with this bow.

Complete with built in pin sight. Package includes:

  • arm guard, 
  • hip quiver,
  • wooden arrows & target sheet.

Draw Length:
16-22" Inches
Draw Weight:
10 pounds
Bow Length:
Brace Height: 5"